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Hi, Welcome to my blog!! My name is Boy Indrajaya, the hotelier that coincidentally very keen to learn anything about Internet and participate into the gleaming of the Indonesian blogger world. I love to travel and have been working in Caribbeans joining with cruise line company, hotel in Bali, Jakarta, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bintan and now in Bali again!
As a personal blog, most of  the content is original from my experience to share to everyone.

As I have more than 20 years experience in Hotel Industry, I also open for any assistance as a hotel consultant especially to fix hotel that has difficulties with  financial performance or almost in bankruptcy. We will boost the performance and also strategy for management efficiency. I am also able to produce Feasibility Study prior to hotel development.

For more detail about Hotel Consultant kindly visit our website Konsultan Hotel Online

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  1. salam kenal mas. mantep juga blognya.
    ijin ninggalin jejak

    Boyin Reply:

    @budy, sering2 mampir

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